tucking away some magic

some time was spent this past weekend getting the final things into our vegetable garden.  as the weeks progress, we’ll be adding here and there…like butternut squash following the sugar snap peas.  but, for now, the seeds and seedlings are all nestled into our garden.

i didn’t get around to starting our tomatoes or peppers indoors {i’ll try for that next year} so i’ve been waiting for our local nursery to get their supply of those seedlings.  over the weekend, my daughter and i visited the nursery, and before picking out our plants, we wandered through the nursery a bit.  it was a beautifully sunny, not-too-warm, not-too-cool morning.  the flowers in the greenhouse were lovely, the glazed gardening pots like rainbows of clay.  but my favorite part of our nursery stroll was through the plants, shrubs, and saplings.  there were close walkways among all the lush greenery and these little paths carried with them a hint of magic.  it felt like we were walking on secret paths.

my daughter was skipping along, pausing to show me this and that.  we noted the yellowy greens, the red-tinged greens, the silvery greens.  we noted soft and pointy.  tall and short.  slender, wide.  it wasn’t a long walk through the nursery.  but it was a walk filled with sweetness.  my daughter skipped and smiled, filled with a simple and pure joy.  and i followed her…not skipping, but smiling…and filled with a simple and pure joy.

so we brought home a wee bit of that magic, i hope…lovingly placed some of it in our garden and lovingly tucked a bit of it away in our hearts.

whatever your weekend held for you, i hope there were bits of joy, bits of magic tucked in there for you.

sending a little love your way, m


3 thoughts on “tucking away some magic

  1. I love bringing home that kind of magic:))

    Ps…we would be a good pair in public with our matching garden manicures. Oh, the looks we would get..lol

  2. I hope to have the garden plants bought this week. I love visiting the nursery and seeing all the choices. My husband and I went last year and had a great time. Your weekend sounds like a fabulous restorative one :)


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