lessons in persistence from my eleven year old son

backstory:  i decided at the beginning of this year that i would take {at least} one photograph each day and make a short journal entry about that photo.  simple in theory.  but i’ve slipped…

so the conversation went something like this:

me:  oh, i am so behind in my photo project!

my son:  why are you so behind?

me:  because i skipped a day here and there.  and then i started skipping more and more.  and here we are at the end of may, and i’m way behind documenting my photos.{they’re all taken, mind you.  just not noted in my project journal.}

my son:  in a very gentle voice…well, it should only take you a few minutes each day if you do it.

me:  um…ah…um…mmmm.
you know what?  you’re absolutely right.  it just means a few minutes out of each day.  i have no excuse really.  i’ve just got to start again and get moving with it.  you are totally right…thanks, honey.

it really bothers me when i do things like this…let things slip.  i’m very aware of what i’m doing…or not doing.  and i make myself a little nuts when i do things like this.  but i do it.  it’s a pattern i’ve developed in my life, a habit.  but i do not want my life to be defined by this type of action, or in-action as the case may be.

i need to step up to the plate.   i have more than kept up with the photography end of things, but i am the one who needs to get pen to paper each day, honoring the commitment i set for myself back at the beginning of the year.  i owe this to myself.  i’m good enough to do this.  no one is going to do it for me; it’s my thing.

and so i begin again.  persisting in the manifestation of my creative projects…persisting in the manifestation of the life i am meant to live.

will you persist in the manifestations of your blessings, your gifts, your life?

sending a little love your way, m


9 thoughts on “lessons in persistence from my eleven year old son

  1. i know i’m flooding comments today, but i’m just getting a minute to catch up.

    i’m actually screaming (in my head) metoo! metoo!

    i have so many intentions that just get lost in the myriad of other things that just take a few minutes to do until i’m overwhelmed and lost.

    you have a very wise son though there to recognize that. isn’t it funny when words like that echo back to us.

  2. Good for you, my friend! First off, what a wonderful, compassionate, and present young man you’re raising. Second, what a good listener you are. Thirdly, it’s wonderful that you are being gentle with yourself and committing to creating for you!! Well done! xo

  3. Dear Michelle,

    I loved this post. I’m struggling with my commitment for a daily post, too. And the photo, of course. On the other hand, this is something I want to do for myself; sometimes the only thing I do for myself on busy days. So I try to see my daily blogging as a reward, not as work.
    All the best.

    1. oh, i am not so committed to daily blogging!!! i’m just working on daily old-fashioned notes :)
      good for you with your goals. the blogging i do (though not daily) is most certainly a reward, it is something consistent that i do for myself…just like you.

  4. I find I have the best of intentions early in the morning. I know me and I have to do whatever I am doing creatively before lunchtime, or it does not get done. I like your son, he is a wise man :)

  5. Thank you for giving me the meditation that I needed most this morning! Sending love back your way!


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