24 thoughts on “leaping

  1. I love this illustration Michelle. Simple. Beautiful. And so full of wisdom and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your georgeous art.

    PS – reminds me of another illustration you shared in unravelling#2 … spunk … also fabulous

  2. Fantastic!! I love it!! Leap my friend! You are not alone and the beauty will be there to meet you. Your art work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring. <3

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE………….

    ps..would you ever consider selling your drawings? I’m almost hesitant to ask because they are so personal and special that I can imagine it would be hard to sell them. Just curious….

    1. indeed i would. part of my intent with these illustrations is that they reach out and touch others’ hearts, as well as my own.

      i’ll be in touch with an email soon.

  4. Michelle, this is so wonderful. I love that she’s leaping into a field of flowers! Trust is a big word for me this year…really practicing that; that I am supported, that we all are! xoxo


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