a story of persistence

photo taken by michael matuczinski

persistence:  the quality or act of persisting; tenacity; or a continued effort or existence.

i wrote about persistence last week…how my son matter-of-factly held me accountable.  how he indirectly called me to step up to the plate.
it’s easy to put things off for another day, another week, month, year.  especially when those things are dreams and passions that may or may not be valued or understood by others.

over the weekend, i was thinking about someone i know who is persisting in his artistic passions…my cousin, michael matuczinski, who is a member of the band a curio vis along with marty csencsits.  first touched by the music bug back in his early teenage years, michael is currently working hard to make a go with his passion.  a curio vis‘  first album, titled drawn onward, speaks of cycles and circles. “Day and night, young and old, microcosm and macrocosm are things that seem very far apart until you realize there ultimately isn’t much separating them.”  the title of their album is a palindrome {meaning it reads the same both forwards and back}, further hinting at the circular theme.  also interesting to note:  the songs on the album chronicle a story about one character’s entire life.  as the character ages, the song styles change…lots of layers.

i love this idea of things cycling round and round, of everything being connected.  it’s maybe why after a life of viewing my younger cousin as just that…younger…we’ve come to a place in our lives where birth order doesn’t mean a whole lot, a place in our lives where i can admire him for the work he’s got going on, a place where i can feel inspired by his holding true to himself.  there’s a connection.

a curio vis is hard at work on their sophomore album.  in the meantime, you can listen to their first album by clicking on the image below.

and you can read an article about the band published in the express times here.
and one more tidbit:  michael said he gets asked about the band’s name all the time.  it’s a scramble of the word vicarious.  another layer.

do you have a story of persistence?

sending a little love your way, m


5 thoughts on “a story of persistence

  1. Michelle, I loved this post, and my husband and I went to the web site and really, really enjoyed the song! ( We have two sons who are musicians, albeit part time).We even danced a bit! xo

  2. love this story. i love stories of artists (whatever type) who keep doing it, do it with their own voice and just keep well, persisting….reminder…reminder…reminder.

    i will definitely check them out


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