a sweet deal

i’m adding a quick second post today because i want to share a sweet deal with you…

i’ve written here before about susannah…she’s lovely, she’s talented, she’s real.  i’ve worked through two of her unravelling e-courses and am currently working through an e-book version of one of her courses.  she’s totally fabulous.  so here’s the thing.  she has recently birthed two {yes two!} books into the world.  this is know is a solo venture; instant love was co-authored with jenifer altman and amanda gilligan.  let me tell me here that they are both brilliant books.

okay, so the sweet deal…
if you pre-order susannah’s this i know before june 4, you will receive her e-course exploring the senses for free…yes, free!  click here for details.

honestly, without the freebie attached, getting the book is worth it alone.  it is infused with susannah’s love and her gorgeous images.  it’s such a gentle read, and tugged on my heart the whole way through.

sending a little love your way {for the second time today!}, m

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