things are happening in the garden.

everything is so green and the kids and i have not tired yet of running out to check on the status of this or that plant.  i’m especially loving the sugar snap peas that are beginning to make their way to the first rope of the trellis.  each plant is reaching out tiny tendrils to the plant aside it…one plant has even wrapped its first beautiful tendrils around the twine.  it’s sweetly satisfying.

and i can’t help thinking in metaphors.  how these plants reach out for those alongside it…reach out for whatever is above and beside.  seek support, accept support.

i am finding connection with these plants in our garden, as i begin to grow in new ways personally and artistically.  some days i ask myself what the hell do i think i’m doing.  but i keep living each day and i keep trying to make choices that feel right in my heart.  and i do believe i’m growing…finding my way to other creative souls, finding my way to beautiful people {you}.  i am reaching and growing in my heart’s garden.

i am sending out tender tendrils…

sending a little love your way, m


6 thoughts on “tendrils

  1. Wonderful post. I can relate. I’ve been finding myself drawn to creative souls. I’m going with this unfmiliar flow and embracing the uncertainty. :)

  2. reaching out with string and back with tendrils as we all gain from from mutually supporting each other…
    Beautiful shots Michelle…and I am glad to know that I am not the only one who checks my plantings on an hourly basis! *lol*

  3. There is something about spring and the newness of it all that makes me reflect more than any other season. Love your garden photos!


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