playful surrender

our toes wriggle in the sand
grains of warmth
digging holes, piling mounds
feet run down to water’s edge
waves lap the toes
then tumble on and around our legs
splashing bellies, arms, chests, faces

and our eyes twinkle with joy
reflect the light of the sun
breezes blow through our hair
lightly whipping our cheeks with kisses of summer

our playground, our haven
we surrender to the rhythm of the ocean
to the rhythm of nothing but hungry bellies and tired bodies at day’s end
in this space where land meets sea meets sky
we surrender to each moment that is now

…glad to be back in this space with you…

sending a little love your way, m

elizabeth over at mystic vixen and squam brought something to my attention that i’d like to share with you.  the state of california has announced plans to close down a large portion of their state parks.  california needs those parks, needs that wild space.  we, all of us, need that space.  it is part of our living, breathing planet.  will you take a few minutes to watch this short clip?

The First 70 Trailer from Heath Hen Films

you can take action here.

and one more thing…while i was away with my family, dipping my toes into the ocean, i was nominated for the versatile blogger award.  thank you, heather, for the nomination!
please do visit heather over at her space joyfulwise

in the spirit of this community award, here are seven things you may not know about me:  i enjoy washing dishes {yes, by hand} + i watch it’s a wonderful life with my husband every year around christmas {and i bawl like a baby…every single time} + i have a sweet tooth + i second-guess myself {a lot} + i love color + my favorite teacher in high school was mr. harmanos {math….which wasn’t my favorite subject…which just goes to show you} + i love books {the real ones…with ink printed on paper}.

and here are a few wordpress blogs:  Barefoot Five + The Habit of Being + Happiness Needs Company + Pipkin Hollow + PhotoBotos.

5 thoughts on “playful surrender

  1. Yes, congratulations! And thanks for the confession that you love washing dishes. I do, too – and I often have the best ideas with my hands in soap bubbles. Thích Nhất Hạnh has written that washing dishes can be meditation – you just have to focus on it without thinking about the next 1000 things-to-do.

  2. Yeah, Michelle!
    I, too, love “It’s a Wonderful Life”, I’ve watched it every Christmas eve for many years…


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