dear weeds

dear weeds,
why must you torment me so?  i’m trying to respect your place in the whole life cycle thing, but you make it so hard when you insidiously creep and crawl in places where i do not particularly want you.  how do you do it…growing so quickly, so robustly?  some of you try to tease me with tiny little blooms, but still you must go.  and so i dig and pull.  i kneel, i squat, i sit.  the bucket fills, i dump it, i continue to pull.  i try to be all zen about it…listening to the early-morning birds, taking slow and deep breaths, considering squatting-while-weeding a garden asana.  but the day after, my fingers are stiff.  certain back muscles – while not exactly sore – are making themselves known.  a blister rests in the center of my palm.  and i am not yet finished.  you are still everywhere.

tomorrow and the next day…and the next after that…will find me pulling your roots.  weeds, oh weeds.  seriously…have you no mercy?

hoping your world is weed-free.
sending a little love your way, m

5 thoughts on “dear weeds

  1. I love this!! Your creativity is always inspiring! Btw… Writing them a note is the best way to get them to cooperate with you, but I bet you already know that. ;) xo

  2. Oh Michelle, you read my mind today (and said it better than I could). I’m getting a little blister right where my knitting yarn carries over! Miss you.


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