one lovely blog award

yesterday, puffinclaire over at hooks and trowels nominated me for the one lovely blog award.  how sweet of you to think of me, ms. puffinclaire!

the rules:
1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger(s) who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award up to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

seven random things about me:  i just finished making pizza dough . i love to hike . like puffinclaire, i have reached the age of 30 {and have moved beyond!} and still do not like olives . writing words and making images make me happy . i adore dark chocolate with sea salt . i cry quite easily . i love winter.

some wordpress blogs for nomination:
pipkin hollow
barefoot five
happiness needs company songbird studio
when ideas fail
songbird studio

if you have a few minutes, hop on over and say hello to these folks!

enjoy your weekend!
sending a little love your way, m


12 thoughts on “one lovely blog award

  1. Congratulations Michelle!! Well deserved! Reading your 7 random things about you made me realize just how much we have in common! *lol* (including that chocolate sea salt combo!) How do you feel about Chocolate infused red wine? …I am thinking online celebration! *lol*

      1. If you live in the US you can get it! (I can not because they don’t sell it here…yet! I am working on the good ol’ LCBO to get them to carry it)
        I brought a bottle home from Arizona…it is divine! It is called “Chocolate Shop” If you go to their website you can find the closest store that carries it. Get it!
        And have a drink for me! : (

        P.S. While looking through your blog to see if I could find out where you live, so I could tell you exactly where to get it. It occurred to me that I don’t think I have ever told you how much I LOVE it! The simplicity, your weekly reflection … I love coming here..I may not always comment but I do ‘touch down’ for a bit of peace on a regular basis.

        1. janet, thanks for the link {i will most definitely check it out!}

          and thank you, thank you for your wonderfully sweet words. totally made my day, made me smile big.

  2. Dark chocolate with sea salt sounds delicious, think I might have to track some down to try. Thanks for sharing such lovely info and blogs x


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