three items

journaling over the weekend, i was inspired to make a list of things i’d like to do, things i’d like to work on.  not a daily to-do list of things like laundry, dusting, etc.  but a list of bigger, further-out things.  things to get me focused, organized, motivated.

by the time i got to the bottom of my page, my list had shifted from fairly practical items to three items that caught my attention.  three items that gave my heart a little squeeze and blew a whisper of yes through my being.
:: be open
:: take leaps
:: seek beauty

i like how my list evolved as i traveled down my page.
i like how i felt…still feel…the rightness of these challenges to myself.
i like these three items.

do you ever make lists???

sending a little love your way, m


5 thoughts on “three items

  1. I am most definitely a list maker, a list lover and a list doer! I hope you achieve your three things daily and often with surrendering joy :) (i might have to borrow those!)

  2. Ugh, I have too many lists. I think I’ll stop making lists and be more spontaneous. Good luck with your three items!

  3. I am an obsessive list maker…I have a bunch of cute little books that I make my lists in…and then, once they are written, I do something else and forget all about my list. When I find my lists much later I frequently find that I have done what was on them anyway. I am perhaps a little too spontaneous and laid back – I use lists to try to change that, but haven’t been very successful.
    My fav list:
    1. Make to do list. (check)
    2. Check off first thing on to do list. (check)
    3. Realize you’ve already accomplished 2 things. (check)
    4. Reward yourself with nap. (in progress)

    Seriously – your list is one I could live with! …and journalling I couldn’t live without!

  4. I make a list or two a year, I am not much of a list maker except for with the childrens schooling, in that case I have to make lists or we would never get anything done;) I probably should write things down, it would help ease the pressure in my head, I think! Billy is a list maker and sometimes it drives me nutty cause if it didn’t make it on the list it’s never getting done..haha!

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