sun tea

snipping herbs from the garden, fresh
the smell of mint on my fingertips and in my nose
leaves gently rinsed
one cup of garden goodness
four cups of cool, clear water
{because i love my quart mason jars}
then resting on ledge or ground
a day of sun
a day of warming, steeping, infusing
i but sit and watch and wait
leaves strained, tea chilled
summer deliciousness in my glass

*you can also steep dried tea leaves {1 rounded teaspoon/1 teabag per cup of water works nicely}

*finding circles with bella at 52 photos project

*and because i am finding such joy in my garden these days, enjoying the connection between what goes into my body and what comes from the earth outside my door, the earth i touch each day…linking up with barefoot mama and her touch the earth link party

sending a little love your way, m

22 thoughts on “sun tea

  1. Oh, this brought back so many memories of making sun tea in a big ole’ jug as a kid. Back in America where iced tea is king. They’d look at me like I had three heads if I made ice tea over here in the UK. And, I LOVE that photo!

  2. There are even circles in the woodgrain of your gorgeous table. Love your words and photo, as always. The move went well…thanks :)

  3. Such a brilliant idea… I’ve never heard of this being done so thank you for sharing and I will try this to. We have camomile and pineapple mint in the garden.. Do you know how these work..? Though guess it’ll be fun trying. Will let you know xxx a lovely Summer celebration., if only the sun would shine here!! ;) Emma x

    1. emma, i’ve never tried pineapple mint…but i’m sure it would be delicious!
      as for chamomile…it’s makes a very light and refreshing tea. i love it as much as my mint teas.
      {and if the sun doesn’t shine, you can always boil the water, then steep for about an hour}

  4. oh, the smell of fresh mint…how lovely! Your photos always have calming effect on me:)

    ps..Thank you!


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