old-fashioned water pumps

this past weekend, we spent time with my oldest sister and her family in the mountains of west virginia.  we stayed in a pioneer cabin which means we had walls and a roof keeping us dry from the rain, and we had fairly comfortable beds on which to lay our tired heads.  pioneer cabin also means we had no running water and no electricity…which gave renewed appreciation to warm water, flushing toilets, and outlets for charging iPhones.  but even without certain luxuries,  there was so much filling our visit.  today, i share a quiet peek…

it was pure beauty in so many ways.  sending out special love to my sister and her family, to the mountains of west virginia, to the greenbrier river, to picnic tables and old-fashioned water pumps, to weekends unplugged, to life.

and always, sending a little love your way, m


3 thoughts on “old-fashioned water pumps

  1. Beautiful photos (as always!). I don’t know if I could go without water and electricity, it does make you appreciate our modern amenities and it is a GOOD thing to unplug. I love the internet but I also love breaks from it. Thanks for sharing :)


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