:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…
***if you’d like to share some moments from your week {whether fun or challenging}, i invite you to contribute in the comments section.  feel free to share words, photos, or both with a simple comment, or link to your blog or flickr photo. 

:: would you look at this?!  this is what we’re gathering from our garden these days.  all of this bounty from a handful of little, bitty seeds.  i am not lying when i tell you that each time we gather, i am somehow blown away

:: appreciating the discount going on at laura emily’s good earth living {coupon code HERBALGOODS…good until august 1}

:: summer fun…pool, ice cream, bare feet

:: noting changes in the outside world as we move through the summer months…seeing beauty in things even as they fade

:: love notes written to me…paper and pencil, sidewalk chalk

:: goodnight kisses…the ones when the kids are still awake…the ones i give when they’re fast asleep

:: appreciating the snuggles afforded me throughout my days…counting myself so very lucky

hoping you enjoyed some moments in your week.

sending a little love your way, m


10 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. oh Michelle…those beautiful squashes…I want to come eat with you. Your table of love and color and laughter! and oh, oh those tangles little legs….priceless!

  2. reading books always reminds me of my summers as a teenager. I am thankful that both of my kids love to read and we all grab a book and escape! Love your vegetables-you have quite the green thumb :)


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