this summer

this summer finds us moving through our weeks
faster than i might like
where does the time go, i wonder
one day melts into the next and shortly after eyes have closed
they open yet again to another new day
another new day that brings so much goodness

i thought i was going to free-list our summer for you
tell you about the swimming and ice cream and creeks and garden bounty
but i’ve deleted the words, the lines, the stories
because this is what i want to tell you

i want to share honestly that i’ve had moments where
i felt low and sluggish and unmotivated
but there were more moments where i was in the groove
and my heart was full
more moments where i lifted my face to the sun
and at the end of each summer day, my eyes have closed
and thereafter opened again

this summer
is just a slice of my life
a moment made up of minute moments
i note the weeding as well as the delicious food
grilled by a loving husband and eaten in the company
of two fantastic children
this summer has been good

how has your summer been? {or depending on your corner of the world, your winter?!}

sending a little love your way, m


3 thoughts on “this summer

  1. I love those wild flowers! Summer has well been pretty absent so far until the last few days… In Scotland the weather has been horrendous (thanks global climate weirding) I spent a week in Galway ireland where the pics I took often looked like winter! however the last few days have warmed up. I may even have got a touch of sun today walking around for 4 hours on a photographic project.


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