for the month of august, i’ll be sharing mostly photos with you {perhaps peppered with a few words} as i join susannah with the august break 2012.  august will be a month of simple reflection through my camera lens.  i hope you’ll enjoy following along.

today i also share with bella at 52 photos project.  the theme for this week: delicate.

sending a little love your way, m


14 thoughts on “delicate

  1. So wonderful to connect with you … I can see we will have a lovely time capturing August here and in P.I.O. space. It’s like gathering all the very best bits to shore us up for the seasons ahead! I love the lush greenness of this image … so soothing and refreshing (alas, it is very brown here with our drought)

  2. Wonderful! I love the look of tomato blossoms, and thinking of the not-so-delicate thing that will show up soon there. =)

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