what i want to tell you {sipping peppermint tea}



morning light streams in, mixing new palettes on my wall
and a symphony of crickets greets my ear as i sit by the screened window
sipping warm peppermint tea
and this is good, yes, i know this is good
but what i want to tell you
is there is a storm within me tossing swirling twisting
i cannot figure out
how to balance the mama, the wife, the artist
i cannot figure out
how to do this in a peaceful
peppermint tea sipping kind of way
this is what i want to tell you
that i struggle, i seek, i storm
even while sipping peppermint tea

sending a little love your way, m

p.s. what i also want to tell you is that i adore the mug in my photo above.  it was lovingly crafted by kirsten swanson.  you can read more about her here.  my kids and i have been lucky enough to take a few ceramics classes with kristen.  she is every bit as wonderful as her individual ceramic pieces.  have a peek…


12 thoughts on “what i want to tell you {sipping peppermint tea}

  1. This is a wonderful post Michelle. From the heart. Beautifully written words that I feel so connected to. You are not alone. I am not alone. We are not alone in this struggle. In this storm. For that, I am grateful. xo

  2. Balancing is so difficult and guilt ridden as a “mummy” don’t you think..? But then I think to me.., it makes me appreciate the days/hours/minutes and times I can focus on being either one or the other fully… Either being full time wage earner… Mummy… Partner and best-friend… And fulfilling or believing its still possible to achieve that creative goal…. Nothing is achieved fully but still I have all options open :))) xxxx… Love to you xxxx☀❤☀💙☀

  3. What a beautiful shot. It really is so difficult to balance all the things we have to do, for our families and for ourselves. You will see a way through this that suits you, your family and your situation.

  4. I think everyone has a challenge balancing everything. I know I did when the kids were little. It got easier for me or maybe I made peace with it. Good luck and I loved your prose.

  5. oh, i just love the ceramic mug and enjoyed looking at her etsy store!
    be good to your beautiful self, michelle.. xo, margaret
    (i just signed up to blog, but havent the slightest idea what to say….)

  6. I feel you and I know exactly what you are going through. I completely understand your struggle. You are not alone. There are days when my tears drip into my tea. Sending much love your way. xo

  7. It’s so hard to find balance, there are days when things aren’t balanced equally, but really,in the end it all works out. Just take it one day at a time and realize you can only do so much. [[hugs]].


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