:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

:: these three

:: a visit from out-of-town family

:: reading harry potter with the kids

:: splashing swimming floating laughing

:: noting the swirl of ideas, thoughts, dreams in my head…trying to make room for their manifestation

:: 14 years of marriage with that tall guy in the first photo…in truth, i quietly celebrate him and our union every single day

:: preparing for the start of a new school year…we begin next week

:: love notes

hoping you enjoyed some special moments in your week.  feel like sharing?

sending a little love your way, m

16 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Hello :) lovely pics Thank you.. To share… So much is happening here and it’s complicated but very very good and right… Suffice to say the truth can only ever be the way forward and from my position I am watching my beautiful partner grow close to his family again :))

    England had its summer these last 2 weeks ;) and its been lovely to enjoy story time in the garden before bed. Is that your pool… Ooh beautiful :)) 💙 You might think our garden is Infact a handkerchief as its very very teeny small x

    Yes we are also getting ready for the new school year… Very exciting with new shoes and sports kit.. Lunch boxes and maybe even a hair cut if I can persuade her.. ❤.. Growing up so fast.! But I realise what wonderful questions she asks now and how vibrant their imaginations are… Makes for fantastic conversations sometimes. And so many questions I just don’t know the answers to so really we are both learning… Both at school I guess :) ..,, oh I wish :))))

    But less time for pics this week from me.. “must try harder” note in homework book ;)
    Xx enjoy your weekend

    1. so much goodness, emma. relationships growing, stories in the garden, preparation for a new school year. and oh, all the questions! i think it’s such a great gift we give our children to admit we don’t know the answers to everything, to learn alongside them.
      you are lovely, dear.

      p.s. the pool belongs to our kind neighbors who share :)

  2. These are wonderful. Happy anniversary for earlier in the week and to celebrating it every day.

    Our week has been one of post-anniversary, post-youngest’s birthday recuperating from cake. And savouring some quiet family moments as the summer holidays draw towards their close.

    Have a joyous and restful weekend.

    1. your weeks sounds lovely…coming off celebrations and resting in the quiet.
      have a wonderful weekend!
      {thank you for your wishes…and happy wishes to you!}


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