spaces of my life

at my feet is a basket brimming
with red juicy fruits
pure goodness
from the dirt just outside my door
my feet have walked through the dirt the mulch the weeds
and my hands have pushed past the spider webs
to pluck the warm, plump tomatoes
basket filled
i stare in wonder at the beauty

now my feet find their place on the kitchen floor
a wooden cutting board on the counter
and knife in hand, i begin the work
chopping deseeding
and i am so aware of where i am
in the space of our home
in the space of my day
in the space of my life
children move in and out of this space
as juice drips down my fingers and wrists

feet rooted, i hear the peace
coming in waves
a whisper that shifts my heart ever so slightly
to the left
now to the right
it is good to be standing here
my hands holding these gifts from the ground
standing and falling
in love with these tomatoes, these spaces in my life


sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “spaces of my life

  1. It is a wonderful feeling to be in the moment of one’s task! I tidied up the counters and moved many tomatoes in a clear glass bowl. I also chopped up many for the freezer. Each task was delightful!

  2. Stillness and beauty wrapped up in three verses, a wonderful moment in my day. Sometime in the future, I picture myself holding a book of collected poems, all written by you. Keep writing Michelle, your work is a joy to read. Thank you.

    1. I couldn’t agree more …

      Michelle, your words, your images. They both have a way of calming me, nurturing me. And yes, I too can picture myself holding a book written by you … and a treasured book it would be.


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