i’ve been eating this *a lot* lately…

looking for something to spice up your lunch/dinner/salad situation?  look no further.

first, fill your bowl with chopped cabbage {i like red cabbage.  i know, it’s really purple.  who decided to call it red?}.  shred/chop/dice some carrots.  chop some cilantro.  toss it all with a bit of sesame oil and rice vinegar.  what you don’t eat the first time around saves beautifully in the fridge for easy future meals {bonus points}.

next i like to chop up some tomatoes {or red peppers} and throw in some beans, any kind.

then…and this is the really good part…i top it with magic sauce.  yes, it’s really magic.  as in magically easy to make and magically delicious.  you can find the recipe here.  amy karol, you are brilliant.

sometimes i get crazy and top that all off with some avocado.  i know…i like to live on the edge.

this is what your bowl will likely look like at the end of your meal.  you will eat every bite.  it is that good.

of course you could work this salad in any number of different ways…hot, cold, over rice, with tofu or chicken.  it’s also fabulous drizzled into a veggie wrap.  i’ve even dunked carrot sticks into it.  try it.  and if you’re so inspired, let me know what you think…

{sharing with bella at 52 photos project :: week 19 :: elements}


sending a little love {and today, some magic} your way, m



14 thoughts on “i’ve been eating this *a lot* lately…

  1. I love cabbage, so I’ll have to try one of those delicious-looking combinations. Your shots definitely make them appealing!

  2. Gosh that sounds totally delicious.! What is cilantro please… Can you describe it.. ? What would we call it maybe in England..? Is it celeriac..? Xxx

  3. Yum! I have been eating lots of red cabbage too. They grew really well for the winter, and we cook it with apple and carraway seeds in a little olive oil.sharp and sweet at the same time.


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