dear squam

a few years ago, one of my sisters gifted me the book you see below.  this was my first exposure to squam.  it set my heart on fire.
{you can read more about the wonderfulness of squam here.}

dear squam,
you blew into my life on a birthday breeze, your essence carried in the tiny seed of a book.  a book filled with images of beauty and stories of love.  you planted yourself in my heart, with whispers of your magic.  and i have tended you with promises of one day, have plucked the weeds of self-doubt when they threatened to crowd.  and now…it is time.  in a matter of days, i will cross 6 state lines.  and i will dip my toes into your lake, i will sink into days of creative me, i will meet members of my tribe…i do believe.  you have called me, and i am coming.  oh, and squam, please hold me gently.  for though my heart is wide open, it feels quite tender.  i will see you soon.


sending a little love your way, m 



13 thoughts on “dear squam

  1. Wow! Once again I am in awe of your writing … your poetry! Beautifully written Michelle.

    I am so excited for you! Thinking of you as you journey to a place you are meant to be. Where I’m sure your tender heart will be nurtured. Where I’m sure you will be inspired. And where you too will inspire others.

    Enjoy! Savour! And then, please do share your stories …

  2. Michelle, so well written. I can feel your excitement, joy & understand your tenderheartedness. Until we meet…a member of your tribe!


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