i often feel called to think about what is in front of me.  right now.  not last month, not what might be in front of me two months from now {although, admittedly, i fall into obsessing what might happen and what did happen}.  but. right. now.  and i keep thinking that one aspect of my life which assists me in this present-ness is the food that i prepare.  i have always enjoyed food.  loved the chewiness, spiciness, sweetness, savoriness.  but ever since becoming a mama 11+ years ago, i never realized how much my daily life was tied into food.  in a good way.

nursing a babe, my life revolved around my son.  or daughter.  tiny, needy, dependent, sweet.  and on their clock, their rhythm…not mine.  my days began to revolve around when he or she needed sustenance; my needs took a back seat, and i filled them as best i could.  at the forefront of my days was feeding my little ones.  of course there was a life outside feeding.  we spent hours walking and gazing and reading and stacking blocks.  we spent hours dancing to the same song, hours walking up and down the same hall.

and then things evolved.  we now drive to ballet and golf lessons.  we now meet friends for a hike.  we now study chemistry and geometry.

but what has remained…in this twelfth year of mamahood…is this ever-presence of food.  nutrition.  sustenance.

i find that i am continually drawn to photographing the food that we eat.  sometimes it is the food that our family eats.  often it is the food that i prepare especially for myself.  because there is deliberate intention in the preparation.  and i find myself quietly gasping at the colors and compositions before my very eyes.  what will be mixed as a spice rub becomes an abstract vision.   the prepared curry noodles become a swirly, surreal composition on the dinner plate.

i keep finding beauty.  over and over and over in this daily, repetitive ritual of preparing food for myself and my family.  and, while i don’t consider myself any kind of incredible cook, i do enjoy cooking.  i do enjoy baking.  i do enjoying crafting food lovingly for myself and my family .

and so, each day…over and over…i notice the food that i prepare.  i appreciate colors, textures, tastes, smells.
for me, noticing all this…the colors, textures, smells…is  a meditation.  it calls me into the present moment.  it fills me.
it sustains me.

here’s hoping you find a bit of joy in the food you prepare for yourself and maybe loved ones today.  enjoy it!


sending a little love your way, m



4 thoughts on “sustenance

  1. I loved reading this Michelle..! And love sharing in the colours and shapes of your images :) I’d love to do the 30 day vegan course but I don’t think I’d have time.. You can inspire me instead please.. :D Emma x


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