noticing the moments

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

:: big news up first…we now have a fish…a few more will follow.  i am pleased to introduce you to sunny.

:: brownies made by the kiddos.  a few weeks ago, my son made the most delicious cookies.  i might be out of a baking job soon…

:: full days with schoolwork, music lessons, golf lessons, ballet lessons, playdates…dinner, cleaning, laundry…somehow it all gets done.  sometimes i am calm.  sometimes not so much {ahem}

:: i got *so* many lovely responses from tuesday’s post.  it’s such an incredible feeling to connect with so many of you.  thank you.

:: walking with friends…lunching with friends…laughing with friends

:: feeling the desire to honor a lovely soul who passed away this week.  she was a high school friend who was married to another friend whom i’ve known since we were twelve years old.  i knew it was coming, as she had battled with breast cancer for years…but it still feels sudden…it still feels sad…and it still feels so final.

:: the joy of reading…with my children…in bed, alongside my husband…with a cup of tea

hoping you enjoyed and noticed moments in your week.  i love hearing about them and you…


sending a little love your way, m



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