this pup


they told me it is like having another baby.  they told me it’s a whole lotta work.  they told me they told me they told me.

and i believed them, i really did.  but it is a different thing to actually live it.  so now there is constant monitoring and wake-up calls {regularly} during the night.  there is the worry of a little one eating enough, drinking enough.

but there is also the tiny warm body in the crook of an arm.  there are the warm kisses on the tip of a nose.  the golden curls on the softest of ears.  the wagging of a bitty tail.  there is the complete collapse into a deep and trusting sleep, nestled against one of us, wanting to be snug and close.

this pup is completely melting our hearts.


sending a little love your way, m

p.s. our little pup is a cockapoo.  and her name is kona.





14 thoughts on “this pup

  1. I love her!!! Do you have a crate? That is how we trained Frodo at night. They do not want a messy bed, and he still sleeps in one at night-he likes to be cozy. Good luck with the puppy hood!!! It is trying but so worth it.

    1. karen, we do have a crate! i’m glad to hear it’s something that has worked well for you and frodo.
      and, yes, it can be/is trying in these early days {read exhausting}…but she is so dear and i know that you must be right that it will be worth it.

  2. oh. my. word. this pup. kona. she is absolutely gorgeous. those eyes would be melting my heart too. and oh how i wish i could touch those ears. she will bring so much love and enjoyment to your lives, and you to hers.

  3. Oh Michelle! She’s here! Thank you so much for sharing her with us. Bella and Sally would love to mother her, in their doggie ways.


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