:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

:: this pup…you knew i couldn’t resist sharing another photo of her

:: watching my children rise to the occasions presented by caring for a little puppy

:: giggles and cuddles

:: baking these cookies for our next door neighbors {and keeping a few for ourselves}…one of our very favorite cookies

:: the sunlight shining on my daughter’s hair as she reads a book, cozied up in our armchair

:: reading harry potter with my son, snuggling in his loft bed

:: joining laura emily for a clearing out session on october 5…read about it here…i’m thinking desk..would you like to join in?

:: appreciating this trick i learned earlier this summer, and wanting to share…a great way to store kale and other greens is this: once they’re relatively dry, tear into pieces and place them in covered, glass jars…they keep fresh so much longer than if stored in grocery produce or mesh produce bags

:: the love circling round our home

hoping you enjoyed a good week.  do share any special {or difficult} moments as you feel moved…


sending a little love your way, m



9 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. What an adorably sweet face your pup has! Thank you for that tip on storing greens. I’m trying that with my next head of lettuce! I have plenty of jars for it. =) Presuming you use a lid and ring on it? Or leave it open?

  2. OH goodness, that pup…what a heart tugger! Love the cookie recipe-thank you! Cleaning out…such a great feeling–much luck to you with the closet!! (laura em is awesome :). Have a great weekend Michelle!

  3. I have puppy envy! I’ve been readjusting to “real life” again this week after getting back from my trip – I think I need to focus on “noticing the moments” more next week to help settle into the readjustment process ;-) xx

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