some things i love :: autumn

some things i love about autumn…
a crispness in the air
golden, flaming leaves crunching beneath my feet
long pants, socks, sweaters, fingerless mitts
not shaving legs every day since aforementioned pants conceal
warm soup
apple pie and pumpkin pie
and pumpkin bread
and pumpkin muffins
breaking out the candles
a certain slowing down
a turning in
a suggestion of something other


what are some things you enjoy about autumn?

sharing today with bella at 52 photos project.  the theme for this week: orange.
i know…i was so original, going with the pumpkin thing…but i could not resist.


sending a little love your way, m





9 thoughts on “some things i love :: autumn

  1. the smell of the air, the colors, getting to wear clogs again! Lovely shot :-) I did pumpkins, too, or stems anyway!

  2. I love this. The only really orange things I have seen have been a cement mixer and a couple of bags of chippings. Not terribly seasonal or pretty. We seem to still have a lot of green with small patches of yellows or reds, why can’t those two blend for me? :)


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