rings circles orbits
circumscribing my heart
gifts from father and children
to me a mama
on my fingers near daily
touching me holding me
talisman charm love


playing along with bella at 52 photos project for this week’s theme {still life}.
do you have any objects near and dear to your heart…something you hold close, both physically and emotionally?


sending a little love your way, m



13 thoughts on “rings

  1. love the softness of this shot. And to answer your question, yes, I have objects near and dear to my heart…things that I hold close, both physically and emotionally, but did I think to photograph them? Oh no :-)

  2. Lovely rings! The sunlight warms these rings beautifully and your words are a touching tribute. I have several items that are dear to me, and they come with me wherever I move. They hold dear memories for me.

  3. Those are beautiful rings Michelle. I have a locket with a picture of my husband on one side and the two of us on the other that I hold very dear.

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