one kind of happiness

this is one kind of happiness.  a crisp fall day, blue sky and all.

a group of friends.  an apple orchard.

trees to climb, hills to roll down, apples to pick.


smiles, laughter, conversation.  hours to just be.  yes, this is one kind of happiness.  my kind of happiness.  and i’m feeling so grateful for this fantastic day we just spent under the canopy of sweet, juicy fruit.  a perfect autumn day.

how are you spending your autumn days?  {or spring days, depending on your corner of the world}


sending a little love your way, m



6 thoughts on “one kind of happiness

  1. I stood outside today and took in the crisp air, the parting clouds and watched the wind wisped through the trees. I was IN the moment :)

  2. Michelle, your captures so remind me of my time growing up on our farm in Virginia. I’m looking forward to returning at the end of this week in hopes of catching a little fall there, but I think I might be a tad early! Wonderful posting!

  3. This morning was spent out in the crisp air exploring along the canal with cameras in tow. I came home chilled but glowing and happy. A perfect beginning to a day. Thank you for sharing your day, it looks wonderful.

  4. So far my fall days are warm and humid, but that is nothing new.
    I love see all your fall photos today, they are just lovely.
    I will be receiving a box of apples today from an orchard in Front
    Royal that my husband’s aunt is bring down, I am so excited.
    PS- I found shoes…perfect shoes, now I just have to learn to
    walk in 4inch heels!

  5. I’m out in my garden attempting to get it in order for spring and so that it’s not completely out of control by the time summer arrives! As ever, I love your posts and this one is particularly lovely x


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