baking bread the other day, i paused to take this picture, knowing words would follow…something about returning to the practice of baking bread struck me.  i felt connected to the cups of flour, to the bread-in-the-making, to life.  i thought about always returning to these elemental bits of measurement.  i saw life reflected in this practice.

a day to bake bread
flour is scooped and measured
it is mixed with otherness
there is rising and baking
and the wafting of a smell so deliciously comforting
and this bread, this warm loaf of goodness
which had its beginnings in scoops and pinches
now nourishes and feeds a family
and soon
it will be another day to bake bread
another day to scoop and measure and pinch
another day to mix with otherness
it will be another day


wishing you bits of joy in your day today and everyday.  and…

sending a little love your way, m



5 thoughts on “bread

  1. This is so beautifully written and photographed. I always have such trouble making bread, you’ve inspired me to have another shot at it.

  2. Such a simple shot yet so powerful. Bread is a delicious and sustaining food and a tangible link back to our earliest ancestors who first thought to grind grain, add in the otherness and bring forth sustenance. How wonderful that we too can share in that feeding of our families and ourselves passed through the millennia.

  3. so lovely…yes, amazing that the simple act of baking bread can bring us to the realization of our connectedness to all. sending some joy right back to you, michelle! xo


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