a cooler weather giveaway

i have some pretty wonderful people in my life…people who make me smile, people who love me, people who share their gifts with me.  and one of these wonderful people is my dear friend rosaria butterfield.  last fall she knit me a fantastic pair of fingerless mitts, which i adore wearing in cool and cold weather, especially when i’ve got camera in hand.  i pulled my pair out a few weeks ago and have worn them more and more as the temperatures begin to dip.  having mentioned that i was enjoying the mitts again with the autumn chill, rosaria asked me if i would like her to knit a pair of fingerless mitts to offer as a giveaway to you, dear reader!

of course, i said…”heck yes!”

and just the other day, a pair of adorable woolen mitts appeared in my mailbox.  you see them in the photo above.  color coordinated, charmingly mismatched.  truth be told, i am smitten with them and have tried them on several times…because i kind of want to keep them for myself.  but dear rosaria knit these with love {her heart is big and full of love} for one of you.  she knit these with wool from peace fleece.  you can read a bit about the peace fleece story here.   if you have a few minutes, take a peek…it’s a pretty neat company.

and now for the giveaway part.
if you’d like a chance to win these adorable fingerless mitts pictured above, please leave a comment in today’s post.  for fun, maybe you could tell me one of your favorite comfort foods to eat in the cold, winter months.  entries will be accepted until sunday, october 27, midnight EST.  the winner, chosen via random number generator, will be announced back here {in this post} shortly thereafter.


sending a little love your way, m

and the winner is:  liv
“Those mitts are gorgeous! My favourite comfort food ever is shepherd’s pie – spicy minced meat, fluffy mashed potatoes … YUM!”
congratulations, liv!  i’ll be sending you an email shortly!



19 thoughts on “a cooler weather giveaway

  1. I just brought out my fingerless gloves a few days ago, with the temperature dropping and the rain pouring. These gloves are simply beautiful … I love the colour and adore that they are mis-matched! My cold weather comfort food is stew and warm, crusty, bread with lots of butter for dipping …

  2. I feel like October is slipping by me … I still have to get my needles out and cast on some holiday projects! Thanks for the reminder about Peace Fleece. :) My favorite chilly weather comfort food is a veggie burrito made with mashed sweet potatoes, black beans and cilantro inside whole wheat tortillas, baked then smothered in homemade salsa with lots of cilantro. Yum! I may have to whip them up this weekend! (tonight it is huevos rancheros and cornbread … another fav!) I do miss our poem exchanges … my November double dog dare (more writing that is) xo

  3. I feel like I just won the give-away already by seeing Katie’s sunflower butter recipe–it never occurred to me to make my own! My favorite winter comfort food is creamy pumpkin soup and toast-though I love roasted carrots too. How nice to have a friend with such a generous nature!

  4. So excited to be connected after all these years Michelle. Im remembering back to our Artist’s Way group in my apartment 12 (GULP!) years ago. Could it have been that long ago? I love these mittens and they inspire me to get out my needles and try something. My favorite comfort food at the moment is homemade sunflower seed butter. I roast them for 20 minutes and then blend for about 5 minutes, adding coconut oil and sea salt at the end. I’m lucky if the 12 ounce jar lasts for even 2 days! Love you and so glad to see you living life to the fullest! Now, off to surf your blog….Katie

  5. Oh you! Amazing Art-full you! this is a kind offering – I’m smitten with mittens – (fingerless – of course) my favorite way to stay snuggly warm – is a cup of warm ginger/honey teaI use fresh chunks of ginger over not quite boiling water with raw honey. Yum. then my next favorite recipe is Washington Stew – this can be made with beef or turkey it has loads of veggies and small red potatoes and then a bit of spice for warmth and kick…so delish with a hunk of crusty sourdough for dipping. Thanks Michelle! :)

  6. A giveaway? Fantastic! My favorite comfort food for the season is mashed potatoes for sure. But I’ve been trying to eat less starchy things so I’ve been having mashed cauliflower instead and I love it. Sooo good. Thanks, Michelle! Hope you are well xoxo

  7. Totally fab…I am in LOVE with those colors and, of course, the mitts themselves. I have tried to knit or crochet my own more times than i can count, but it just never works out. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    In the fall, I love making gingerbread…the house smells great and my kids love it!

  8. These are adorable! I’m now heading over to read about peace fleece, but not before telling you how I adore chunky chicken soup with a buttery piece of homemade bread on a cold wintery day! Thank you!

  9. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you. My favorite comfort food recently is the the little mini pies my niece makes, pumpkin being my favorite.. they are just so full of her love.

  10. Those mitts are gorgeous! My favourite comfort food ever is shepherd’s pie – spicy minced meat, fluffy mashed potatoes … YUM!

  11. Loving the fingerless mitts— just bought my nieces those for Christmas! At the Wool and Sheep Festival! Was thinking of all my new squam friends when there. Hmm comfort food- warm bread–delicious!


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