keeping it real :: confessions

with the heaviness of watching sandy’s effects on the u.s. east coast…keeping all those affected in my thoughts and in my heart…i offer today a little light-hearted diversion…
{and for all of you who sent warm wishes my way, thank you so very much…we are safe and dry here}

so i’ve been listening to christmas music for the past month.  just quieter selections like this and pandora’s george winston holiday mix…i can’t resist.  and i won’t divulge any names, but i know one of you has confessed to the same.
there is a bag of ghiradelli dark chocolate baking chips in my freezer; let’s just say they don’t always end up in the baked goods.
i love how the house smells after i clean, but i don’t enjoy the actual cleaning process even a little bit.
i adore my children but sometimes being a mama leaves me feeling crazy.
sometimes i throw darks and lights into the washer all at once.  gasp.
i cry easily.
my exercise regimen has been way off since mid-september and i won’t bore you with my excuses…but some of them are totally valid.
some days i am full of self-doubt.
and sometimes i’m kinda clumsy.
and i am most definitely a dreamer.


sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “keeping it real :: confessions

  1. Michelle, so relieved to hear that you stayed safe and dry through ‘sandy’ … my thoughts were (and are) with you.

    chocolate chips that don’t make it into baked goods … it’s not the only ‘confession’ i can relate to …

    and i love the crochet work … can’t quite understand why, but i find myself wanting to learn to crochet so that i can make a granny square blanket …

  2. i felt like i was reading about myself when i read this. it’s funny the connections you make out there in the world…

    k and i have been listening to Christmas music for the past month too when we are in the kitchen together. It just brightens the mood a bit when it turns cold and the skies turn gray.

    I eat Ghiradelli chips too, I thought I was the only one. They make a great snack.

    Glad you are all okay.

  3. Here’s to us dreamers and worriers, self-doubters and weepers and chocolate eaters, we keep this old world moving round in love and support and warmth. I am so glad you are all safe from the storm.

    Sending some love back to you, you wonderful woman.

  4. I am so thankful you are safe and dry as I continue to pray for all the others whose lives have been changed forever by Sandy.
    I just sat down after a morning of cleaning floors, and I have to second you about the cleaning process, while my floors may look all nice and shining, I am a mess!

  5. The tags you put on this post included self doubt and self reflection and it struck me that your honesty with yourself (and sharing that here) says a whole lot about your self acceptance. You continue to shine a light for us all. Thank you for this post, sending you love all the way from here x


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