:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

:: touched by so many of you who reached out to check on me and my family, to make sure we were okay…here in this space, in emails, on instagram.  to see the concern and support that is out there for those affected by sandy…tragedy is terrible, but sometimes it pulls back the curtain a bit and allows for a new kind of light.  sending love to all those affected by this tragic storm

:: sleeping with my daughter the night that the storm passed through here…the wind whipping around our house…feeling grateful that we were snug and safe inside, grateful that we were not in the thick of things…feeling especially grateful for those hours of snuggling

:: fyi:  housetraining a puppy in pelting rain and 60 mph winds is not fun.  before going to sleep monday night, neither my husband nor i wanted to brave the winds and rain while taking kona out for the last time that night.  so we laid a house training pad thingie in the garage and practically begged the dog to pee on this thing.  the dog would.not.go.  eventually, i gave up and took her outside.  immediate success.  i guess she’s better trained than we thought

::  pumpkin carving…i was totally impressed this year with the job my kiddos did.  even my 7 year old daughter carved hers solo!

:: there is way too much candy in our house right now {of course the kids would tell you a different story}

:: hot chocolate and many cups of tea

:: appreciating a few quiet moments here and there

hoping you are safe wherever you are.  and hoping you enjoyed some special moments in your week.


sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Fantastic pumpkins. I carved ours on my own this year with no one particularly interested, my older girl was out and my youngest didn’t care, although she liked it when it was done and a tea light lit inside. Enjoy these precious moments, they are the seasoning of your life.

  2. Wow those pumpkins are awesome!!! And here, too, there is waaayy to much candy. I use to send them into my husband’s office, but now he works at home…it’s funny how I still hang onto the thought that throwing out candy is a waste–when it really isn’t!!! Candy is probably the best kind of “food” to trash.. Hooray for puppy!!!

  3. It has been a week hasn’t it? Your babies pumpkins are great Michelle, really. This is the first year in ‘forever’ that no one carved a pumpkin in my home which makes me a little sad. I cooked a pumpkin, made muffins and roasted the seeds so that was fun. I hope your weekend is calm and peaceful, filled with laughter and the sun shines!

  4. oh my, the thought of you willing someone else’s bladder to void is priceless :) I think you’re right that kona is more puppy trained than thought. Frodo took FOREVER. Seriously.

  5. You’ve inspired me to do a gratitude list. Now if we could continue the care and concern for others past this tragedy wouldn’t that be lovely.


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