gratitude week :: day 1

november 12, 2012
i am feeling grateful.

:: there are pom poms scattered about our house…hanging from a lampshade, strung from a stairway spindle, sitting on a windowsill…all made by my kiddos…and every single time i look at one of them, i feel happy

:: the colors of autumn…some still clinging to trees, some found at my feet

:: family bike rides

:: a few moments to sit at my desk…paper, pen, colored pencils in hand

this is day one of gratitude week 2012.  wanna join the party?!
click here to read about gratitude week.  and spread the word!
the thought of gratitude in numbers makes me smile.
{if you’re posting on your blog, please leave a link to that post in the comments so we can all visit your space and enjoy}

sending  a little love your way, m

7 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day 1

  1. Today, as I look at all of the different shoes that pile up in the homeschool room, and that I daily and hopelessly put in order, I ponder the complex honor of having three generations living together. I am thankful, mostly, when my heart is right, that my 81 year old mother lives with us, and that in spite of our different world views, religions, political bents, and histories, we love each other. We love across differences and divisions and abilities and values, healing a long history, daily, like the shoes that scatter but still yield to my daily touch.


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