gratitude week :: day 4

november 15, 2012
i am grateful.

:: my polka dot socks…putting them on in the morning brings a smile to my face…noticing them throughout the day brings even more smiles to my face

:: remembering to look up every now and then, i am rewarded with sweet surprises…surprises full of what is to come

:: music in our house

:: my moleskine…where my thoughts find a home…where i can rest in stillness

this is day four of gratitude week 2012.  wanna join the party?!
click here to read about gratitude week.  and spread the word!
the thought of gratitude in numbers makes me smile.
remember…there are no rules.  you can share in this space or explore gratitude in the quietness of your heart.
{if you’re posting on your blog, please leave a link to that post in the comments so we can all visit your space and enjoy}

sending a little love your way, m

10 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day 4

  1. I am thankful for my Peace Fleece wool, for my double-pointed needles, for the little callous that appears on my yarn-over finger when I knit a lot, and for the way that knitting in the dark mornings separates my thoughts into groups of two. No matter what I worry about, in this time when day slowly unfolds from night, before first words are uttered or thoughts take shape, it just comes down to knit and purl.


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