gratitude week :: day 6

november 17, 2012
i am grateful.

:: my desk…it’s old and has a warped leg, but i love it so…and i love that it sits right by a big window…i look out to see our backyard, and this time of year – with the trees bare – i can see cows on the neighboring hill

:: lunch at a favorite pizza place with my kids…you might guess from the photo above that dessert followed our pizza…and you can likely tell that it was something delicious

:: colors, colors everywhere

:: the gifts my daughter brings me…each one a genuine offering from her heart


this is day six of gratitude week 2012.  you can still join the party for our last day tomorrow!!  
click here to read about gratitude week.  and spread the word!
the thought of gratitude in numbers makes me smile.
remember…there are no rules.  you can share in this space or explore gratitude in the quietness of your heart.
{if you’re posting on your blog, please leave a link to that post in the comments so we can all visit your space and enjoy}

sending a little love your way, m

4 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day 6

  1. I am grateful for woods that surround my house, for the deer that call the woods their home, and for the two owls that nest with us, too. They were here before we were. I cherish that they are willing to be our neighbors.


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