in the middle of an ordinary day

i’m coming off an incredible four days spent laughing and lounging and frolicking and eating with three of the most amazing people.  a four-day weekend…i could get used to those.  the four days were spent at home with my husband, son, and daughter…no traveling, no planning, no coordinating.  the tone of our days was so even and downright pleasant.  there was a sore throat thrown into the middle of those days for my little girl, so a lavender bubble bath was in order one afternoon.  as she played quietly in the midst of bubbles, i sat on the bathroom floor next to the tub.  i read her a christmas book or two, but mostly she played and i sat.  the afternoon light was streaming in through the window and  it was quiet, save the occasional splash and giggle.  an incredibly warm feeling filled me as i sat on that bathroom floor, a certain peace came over me.  i was drawn to photograph the moment, as i so often feel called.  but, once snapped, i just sat and watched my little girl, smelled the lavender, gazed at the afternoon light.  it was a bit of bliss right there in the bathroom, right there in the middle of an ordinary day.  it was there for me to receive.  all i had to do was notice…


sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “in the middle of an ordinary day

  1. How lovely – happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours, Michelle. Oh, and the mitts arrived! They are so perfect, I just wish it was a bit cooler so that I could have a chance to wear them xx

  2. Hope she’s feeling better. Love, love these ordinary day shots. So pleased you had a lovely weekend. Unplanned and calming sounds wonderful.

  3. It sounds lovely Michelle; those ordinary days that become all rolled into one to make an extrordinary life!
    I hope your little girl is feeling better, I have a 6 foot fifteen year old that became ill last night with a sore throat and a slight fever which I hope
    doesn’t led to bigger things.


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