one click


and just like that, with one final click, i now have an etsy shop.  it is small, modest, a beginning…but i finally got my act together.  sketched, scanned, filed paperwork.  and there you go.  it’s not hard, any of it.  but i had to show up.  i had to do the work, because it was mine to do.  i spent plenty of time thinking about it, but thinking doesn’t get the shop opened.  thinking doesn’t show others the images of my heart.  i have got to show up and do the work.  it’s a simple concept which makes complete sense to me…but the whole implementation thing really got me hung up.  photography may find its way into my shop in time…right now i’m not sure.  and i’m trying to sit with that and be okay with it.  reminding myself that this is a beginning, that i don’t have to answer every question right now.  i am beginning and i am doing.  i came across this quote a few weeks ago and it speaks volumes to me…

the Great Way is not difficult
just avoid choosing
– Sen-T’sang

so in the midst of putting myself out there, in the midst of questions and logistics and details, i am here to tell you that i am where i am.  and wherever you are today, right now, in this moment…you are where you are.  and you are good.  you really, really are.

click here to visit my shop.
if you place an order before december 8, receive 15% off your order by using this coupon code:  ONECLICK

{always, i am} sending a little love your way, m



13 thoughts on “one click

  1. Oh yay! So simple and sweet. I’m heavily into simple right now, as I sit surrounded by chaos and boxes preparing for my move in three days. I wish you lots of success with your lovely shop. :)


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