a morning and an evening


morning ::
i take the puppy outside first thing.  the air is crisp and cold, the light dim and soft.  there are leaves still scattered under our crape myrtle tree, frosted with sparkling bits of ice .  it is cold and i find myself wishing i was indoors.  and,  yet, i kind of  like that i’m outside in the cold, in the quiet, camera in hand.  for these moments, i must stand here in this spot.  i must be right here.  in these early moments, i stand amidst the earth’s delicate, wintry jewels.  and i am held by the morning’s light and the promise of the day.


a full day has been lived.  i’ve made meals and snacks, doled out hugs and kisses {while garnering a few for myself}.  i’ve shared in the studies, the play, the laughter,  the bickering.  as the sun sinks in the sky, i light a candle on our table, finding such comfort in this…its soft glow, its gentle flicker in the dimming light.  now it is the darkness which holds me and i feel its embrace, welcome it.  i feel the slowing down and perhaps heave a sigh of relief, perhaps note the gratitude in my heart.  i have lived another day, glorious in both the highs and lows.  i bask in the promise of it all.


sending a little love your way, m


sharing with bella over at 52 photos project today.



9 thoughts on “a morning and an evening

  1. I love seeing the beginning and the closing of your day,reading your soul touching words, being allowed a peek into your world, it’s beautiful.

  2. Adore the colors in your morning photo…so typical of a early morning in the east! My travels have kept me busy and not able to comment as much as I’ve wanted…but loved your “giving thanks” link up during November. And…congrats on your etsy business!!


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