:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: this week was the first week of jennifer’s present round of love notes…it felt so good to craft a little note of love and send it out into the world…my daughter was inspired and made her own note which i included as well.  i know some of you signed up and are participating in this round {so fun, right?!} but if you were unable to join in this round, you can sign up for the newsletter so you’ll be notified for the next round…click here.

:: coughs and fatigue still linger with the kiddos…but they’re bouncing back and they were able to attend most of their activities this week.  i don’t ever want my kids to be sick, but i’ll admit it was kinda nice to have a quieter house and slower days

:: the kids working in the “workshop” yesterday afternoon, building a bench for their secret tree fort

:: the kids climbing a tree and knocking down pinecones…for me


:: remembering to breathe deeply…remembering that things get done one thing at a time, even at this busy time of year

:: the pup insisting that she drink water from the tree stand

:: watching the kids make their gingerbread houses…they worked so intently and seriously…and ingested too much sugar {ahem}


and you?  how was your week??


sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Oh my, I have total gingerbread house envy!!! They are darling!!! Kitty prefers drinking out of the tree stand too, what IS that all about?
    Wishing wellness in your home and continued slowness too!!

  2. Gingerbread houses look great. Are they part of your Mom’s tradition of sending a wreath and gingerbread houses at Christmas time?

  3. your houses look quite professional!! Don’t be stressed, just keep looking at the list and cross stuff off. Glad everyone is feeling better and how cool to have your very own pinecone harvesters!!! Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. I was a little scared when I first signed up to take place in this round of Love Notes [I am not a writer], but with the writing prompt it was so easy and it really did make me feel so good, I hope my partner like it!

    My dogs always drink the Christmas tree water, I just keep a pitcher near by to refill.

    I hope your babies continue to heel and this weekend is filled with much love and good times.

  5. Your gingerbread houses are awesome! Love the love notes, will sign up for the newsletter, thank you for the link. Hope everyone feels better soon – we have the same thing going on over here. Happy Friday. :)


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