oh, i was feeling it…the peace, the stillness, the quiet.  i felt it leading up to the holidays and during the holidays and then, wham.  yesterday happened.  there wasn’t anything exceptional that needed doing.  there was schoolwork with the kids, cleaning, laundry, meals to prepare, ballet and basketball.  the usual.  but something shifted in me and i felt flustered and impatient and stressed…and i did not like it.  it was not until late afternoon that i was able to sit in the waiting room of my daughter’s ballet studio, with nothing to do but sit, that i felt the winds begin to calm.  with pen and journal, i struggled to get some words onto the paper.  but mostly i just sat.  and after devouring pizza for dinner {because it’s hard work being stressed}, i took my son to basketball practice.  and, sitting on the bleachers this time, again i put pen to paper.  and mostly sat.  the winds downgraded to a gentle breeze.

i’m hoping today is a gentle day…and i’m hoping the same for you.  but even if those breezes start picking up, you know what?  i’m going to remind myself that each day eventually draws to a close and then another opens.  there are new days and new opportunities within each day to find the peace, the stillness, the quiet.

and so i begin again.

sending a little love your way, m



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  1. ebbs and flows. so hard. the other day, i felt a familar stirring and was full of angst. not sure why but then i had a non related talk with a coworker about something she was excited about and it evoporated.

  2. transition is always tough for me. it takes me a week to settle again, especially after holidays, vacation, whatever. Hear hear to stillness and peace, may we always find it ;).
    Happy New Year Michelle!

  3. Sometimes just sitting with your self and letting go of expectations will help bring understanding. Sending you gentleness.

    Happy new year!

  4. Being stressed IS hard work. ;) I always feel exactly the same way. In my head, I’m not really ‘back’ until Monday…..it’s a shame the rest of the world doesn’t seem on board with that. Gentleness and quiet..yes…Sending love to you too. x

  5. So true…a case of “finding the quiet” do you think.? Certainly your tree image encourages calm and still…really beautiful x

  6. Gentle days…yes, that is how I like all of my days and if they aren’t then I become quite cranky. Today my day is gentle and quiet as I listen to the soft rain fall on the roof, it’s a good day.
    I hope your day has unfolded into a gentle day and you are at peace!
    Much love.

  7. When I have days like that I pretend I’m a surfer riding out a big wave – because it never lasts, the tide eventually ebbs and takes you back to shore again, you have just keep your balance and be one with the waves. ;)


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