:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: sitting at the kitchen table…my daughter working in her math workbook, me working in my journal…the afternoon sunlight streaming through the glass doors…finding myself catching my breath at the quiet beauty

:: warm tea, warm cocoa…coziness after being outside on winter days

:: breakfast for dinner…because it’s easy…because it’s good

:: the kids happily engaged the other day, me posed with two options: make cornbread to accompany the dinner already in the crockpot or take twenty minutes to sit at my desk and sketch…i chose the twenty minutes at my desk

:: have you all visited amanda‘s lovely space?  and are you aware of the magazine she’s creating?!  the first issue is about to be released {i was going to send you over there to order the first issue, but it’s sold out!  woot, amanda!!}.  i’m so pleased to be an online contributor this month {i’ll give you the link next week!}…for now, you can read mj’s lovely contribution here.

:: so pleased, so honored to be working on some special girls for my etsy shop…i’ll be building my collection of girls slowly…in the meantime, i’m working on a few orders and have received some really lovely feedback on girls i’ve sent out into the world already…thank you for opening your hearts to my girls


and you…how has your week been?  is there a special moment you’d like to share…or maybe a challenging one for which you need some encouragement sent your way?  i invite you to share…

sending a little love your way, m



6 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Hey lady :), thanks for the sweet linky, and I am so looking forward to reading yours!! Breakfast dinner! We love that, almost did it last night actually, but pasta won out. And your beautiful artwork, wow Michelle, what an inspiration you are!!! Hugs and happy weekend my friend!

  2. Ooh I love breakfast dinner. Maybe I’ll do that tonight. We’re digging out from the snowstorm last night and I’m schlepping around in my big boots and woolly cardigan again. Your etsy shop looks great btw! Can’t wait to see your contribution to the magazine.

  3. when the kids were little we always had breakfast for dinner-a bit hit then and now! looking forward to reading your contribution at Kindred. Have a lovely weekend!!


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