:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: our pup, kona, continues to be a source of joy in our home…can you stand the cuteness here, cuddled against my husband?  i mean, really…

:: the kiddos dreaming and scheming…they drew out a plan to knock out the wall between their two bedrooms {not going to happen}, creating a kid haven…it was delicious watching and listening to them

:: i love {i mean really love} this mrs. meyer’s dish soap, especially this time of year…i couldn’t find it around here but, lucky me, i have an awesome sister who picked up a bottle and sent it my way…i kinda like washing dishes already, but this makes dish-washing even better…the scent and the remembered sweetness of my sister

:: i’ve received some extra special emails this week from blog readers and fellow creatives…also, some of you left the sweetest of comments on yesterday’s post…thanks for heading over to kindred‘s site to read my contribution…you all fill my heart {thank you}

:: waking up at 7:30 yesterday morning…what?!…unheard of

:: i’d been thinking of skipping this post this week…but now that i’ve gotten the week’s reflections down, it feels so good to have taken this time

:: okay, i promise i was going to post a picture of my very messy desk, but each time i compress the file, the editing tool keeps rotating my image…argh.  so take my word for it,  it’s time to clean off my desk and get better organized…when my kids have remarked on my desk being messy, i know it’s bad…instead i’ll share a picture of a cinnamon roll, ’cause that happened this week too


hoping your week was full of goodness.

sending a little love your way, m




13 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. I am dying for that cinnamon roll right now!! And I think it would be fun for all of us to snap our messy desks and share. Mine always includes a cat lounging on top of all the messiness, he doesn’t seem to mind :). Beautiful post on Kindred too Michelle :). Happy weekend to you!!

  2. I love that little puppy! And the cinnamon roll looks divine! Did you get Kona from a breeder? I’ve always loved cockapoos. Happy weekend lovely Michelle

  3. Oh, I love how your kiddos want to have a kid haven!!
    That cinnamon roll looks so yummy and I’m going to try the dish soap. I only do my dishes by hand because it’s therapeutic for me…

  4. So many good thing happening in your world Michelle and it all sounds so wonderful. I had to laugh when you wrote that 7:30 is early, I wish I could say the same!
    Enjoy the weekend and that cinnamon roll.

  5. sounds like a lovely week. and the desk…our poor desks are suffering together, mine is a mess. i keep swearing i’ll get it cleaned off and the kids keep leaving more notes and such on it :(

  6. Lovely post, and I just read your Kindred contribution too – so beautiful. Those cinnamon rolls look yummy (they are on my giant list of things to make this year, maybe this snowy weekend is the time!) and your dog is so cute – I love her even more now that I know her breed is known as cockapoo. :) Happy weekend to you and yours.

  7. So is 7:30 too late or too early??? Either way it shocked you! Wow, removing wall for a haven, sounds creative and messy and might be dangerous if it’s a load bearing wall. That pup photo is beyond cute and I love her even though I’ve never met her.

    1. {sadly} 7:30 is crazy early in this house ;)

      no worries on load-bearing walls…kid haven is not in the plan!

      and thanks for the kona love…she sure is something :) {think she and frodo would get along?!}


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