love biscuits


we call them love biscuits
{not good for the body}
but exquisitely good for the soul
full of butter and a hint of salt
warm, flaky goodness
melt-in-your mouth, fill-your-belly goodness
and hours later
the house smells of the goodness
it is in the air
it is in the soul
my hands made those biscuits
rolled a little love into those biscuits
put them on the table
not because they are good for the body
but because they are good for the soul
because they are love biscuits

i came by this delightful recipe almost a year ago on the squam blog.  it’s the recipe of arabella…i’ve never met her, but i’m sure i would like her because anyone who understands love biscuits is a kindred of mine.  yes, it’s white flour; yes, it’s a good bit of butter.  but it’s so worth it…for a treat…for love.  you’ll thank me.  honest to goodness flaky layers of biscuit love.  go on, make them…you know you want one.

sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “love biscuits

  1. Your love biscuits look amazing Michelle. I have made biscuits several times a week for thirty years and can now whip them up without even thinking about it. I don’t eat them, but my guys like them smothered in gravy, I know, terrible for you, but that is how they do it.


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