i am wanting to write of softness, for this word came to me as i sat in the early morning darkness yesterday.  having moved through a few sun salutes, having sat and breathed deeply and slowly, i pressed my palms together in front of my heart and waited.  waited for some word to find its way to my heart, an intention to set the tone for the day.  whenever i do this, there is part of me that thinks my mind is just going to be blank…that no word, no intention will come.  and some days it takes longer than others, but something always comes.  always.

so, having held this word close, this is what i want to say to you:  find softness in your days.  in the good morning kisses, in the warmth gathered as your hands wrap around your favorite mug, in the garments which clothe your body.  find softness in the eyes of someone passing you on the sidewalk, feel it in the embrace of a friend, taste it in your midday meal.  find softness in the late afternoon light falling across a table, in the slippers welcoming your feet after a day spent in shoes not so cozy, in the quiet descending as the day comes to an end.  there is softness around you.  find it and let it hold you as you walk through your day.  let it cushion your falls and tickle your fancies.  and then find it again the next day.  and the next…


sending a little love your way, m


p.s. i won’t do this every month, but today i want to let you know my first post is up at makings of motherhood right here.  if you didn’t catch jennifer’s first post, you can read it here.  and barbara’s first post will be coming soon, on february 22.  we’d love to have you join us…



3 thoughts on “softness

  1. Softness, kindness, the words interwine for me and that is how I want to go about my day, those feelings held close.

    PS- Finished Thea’s class last week, loved it, learned a lot and now must practice, practice, practice.


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