10 things {plus a giveaway}

10 things, random.   ready, set, go.


1 our puppy lays at my feet when i work at my desk, and i love this.
2 i ate a salad for lunch yesterday.  other than the avocado, it was uninspiring.
3 i feel like there is always laundry to do.  how is that?
4 i love words.  i also love photographs.
5 i think i need more bubble baths in my life.
6 smiling is a very good thing.
7 out my window right now, i see cows on the hill of the neighboring farm.  these cows make me kind of happy.
8 hmmm…what should we have for dinner tonight?
9 i need to dust.
10 i have been wearing the same two sweaters all winter long.  i have others, but there are two i grab again and again and again.

now, having shared these 10 random bits, i have a giveaway to offer you…just a little something i made that i’d like to share with one of you.  all you have to do is leave a comment telling me one random thing…whatever pops into your head right now.  feel free to tell me as many things as you like, but share at least one with me/us.  i’ll select an entry by random number generator.  the deadline for entering is thursday, february 21, midnight EST.

and the winner is pam hunter!  pam, i’ll be sending you an email shortly.  thanks again to everyone for playing along!

ready, set, go.

sending a little love your way, m



23 thoughts on “10 things {plus a giveaway}

  1. Dear Michelle: Thank you so much for the lavender sachets. How thoughtful of you to include one for my Mom – such a beautiful act of kindness. One of her favorite scents is lavender and when I gave it to her, the pure happiness in her eyes as she smelled it and admired the hand-sewn heart. You brought so much joy to our lives today. And to see my Mom smile during these days that are so difficult for her … priceless! Sharing our love with you in gratitude … <3

    1. dear pam, thank you for this lovely note. i’m glad the sachets arrived safely, so glad that lavender is a favorite scent of your mom’s, gladder still that there were smiles. it was my pleasure to send these your way, and reading your words here makes my heart smile…

  2. Love reading your randomness Michelle :). Here are mine,

    I have to pee.
    I feel the free-est lately when I am snowboarding.
    the sky is pink right now and against the whiteness of the snow, it’s beautiful
    I have to go outside now and shoot it, after I go to the bathroom :).

  3. We love random: My son just informed me that the beaver is the largest rodent. My daughter contributes the fact that fairy penguins are the most vocal penguin species. The boy thinks seals and dolphins should be trained to play water polo. When not thinking about animals, we collect cool words–schismogenesis is a recent favorite.

  4. When I was 11, my (rather eccentric) neighbour gave me a dead squirrel in a cardboard box.

    Yup, I wasn’t sure what to make of it either.

  5. I make my bed everyday, never take the top newspaper, always greet people who clean our office building with a smile and hello, and always kiss my kids at least once a day.

  6. I would drink wine and eat out everyday if I could afford too. I want to have a beach house. I really, really dislike yard work. I am pretty lazy, but highly organized so I can be lazy. xo-B.

  7. I like unpacking much more then packing. I love the sound of wind chimes. Just wanted to contribute -you don’t need to include me in the drawing so that others have an opportunity. :)

  8. I eat the same breakfast every single day. I had fast labors (really!). at around 3 p.m. I think of what I feel like cooking for dinner, makes it hard to menu plan. I like short car rides in the country. I save all the Sunday crossword puzzles.

  9. I always find a better photo inside the photo I intended it to be.

    Candle light calms me.

    My life is changing fast after 50, but I am afraid.

    A known career, or a new career?

    Between 4:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. is the perfect time of day!

    I never went to college.

    My mom is ill … it is my honor to share days with her.

  10. 1. I am 5 weeks No Poo
    2. I am typing under my fairy lights in my sacred space
    3. The symphony of birds outside right now is music to my Soul
    4. Grande Americana with room and two raw sugars please
    5. somewhere behind me is a beautiful old farm table underneath all the sewing machines, art journals, fountain pens, pin cushions, Ott lights, books, paint, glue and little piles of fabric scraps
    6. the tea kettle is screaming…I must go now!

    much love to you and your beautiful little life!!

  11. I can’t get dressed in the morning until the bed is made,
    I have a large collection of books on my shelf that still need to be read, yet I continue to order more everytime I visit Amazon or walk into a bookstore.
    I always eat dinner by candle light.


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