:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: taking the pup outside, first thing in the {cold, very cold} morning…then running back inside to grab a camera, because wow…the sky

:: thinking about my sisters, my mom and her husband…because even when we’re not catching up on the phone, my love for them is really big

:: the four of us playing this game

:: when i don’t feel like making a totally separate lunch for myself {because my kiddos turn their noses up at much of what i like to eat}, this is quick and satisfying:  i have fond memories of eating this soup as a child and my daughter seems to be following in my shoes…so she has her bowl {regular} and i have mine {plus a few handfuls of kale and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper}…both of us satisfied {there was a cheese melt for my son}…i tell them that someday they will like kale


:: reading through the comments on the giveaway post…y’all made me smile and laugh, and even pause in sympathy…i hesitated pushing the “publish” button on that post…so, so glad i did…i cannot tell you how much i enjoyed all the comments left!!!  {the winner has been posted in the original post}

:: feeling so good about what is happening in this space here…see above point

:: barbara’s very first post is up today at our collaborative blog with jennifer deville catalano, makings of motherhood…read her wonderful take on texting here

:: so very grateful for my kiddos’ violin teacher…besides being talented as a teacher and performer, she just “gets” my kids…good things get discussed in their lessons, things that translate from music to life


i’m hoping you gathered and enjoyed moments in your week.  did you?


sending a little love your way, m

p.s. have you checked out http://www.weekendscollected.com recently?
have a look this weekend.  a certain someone you know will be contributing on saturday…



4 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. RAMEN!! Yes, that is a favorite here too. As bad as the salt content is, it seems that putting veggies in it counters that, doesn’t it? I would like to think so :). My kids are warming up to kale, but I haven’t put it in their ramen yet (insert devilish grin here).
    Have a great weekend Michelle!

  2. I was way over 40 before I loved: kale, and black olives. Now I can’t get enough of either. My son was 20 yo before he had lettuce and tomato on a hamburger…some people just take longer than others.

    Have a lovely weekend, I enjoyed reading everyone’s randomness.

  3. My kid’s don’t like kale either, but I love it. My new favorite is sauted red onion, garlic, kale and green beans all mixed together along with a side of eggs, my favorite breakfast [for now].
    Have a great weekend.


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