the soap


lately it’s the soap that’s getting me.  especially on the weekend mornings…my husband is home, the kids are playing, no schoolwork needs to be done.  there’s extra time for me to linger in the bathroom…a hot shower, time to dry my hair fully, the sweetest morning light filtering through the window.  i am alone, and it is quiet.  and that bar of handmade soap keeps catching my eye…sitting there so innocently in its pewter dish, sudsy bubbles creating textures and playing with the weekend light.  it may seem silly, but this soap makes me happy.  so happy that i’ve been taking pictures of it lately.  i enter the bathroom and it instantly catches my eye, begs me to take its picture.  and i oblige.  we perform a delicate dance as i step lightly, peering through my viewfinder as i play with angle, perspective, light.  within those movements there is mindful attention, there is playful deliberation, there is creative intention.  i’ve had what i like to call a moment.  that moment, that conscious exchange between myself and something other, creates room in my heart.  there is a lightness and a freedom i feel.  then, contentedly, i turn from the soap and the delicious light and embrace the rest of the day.


**i didn’t plan to mention this here, but having written this, it feels a bit like a teaser for something on which i’m working, something i look forward to sharing with you soon…a little online workshop of sorts…so that you might learn to dance within moments of your own.  when it’s ready, i hope you’ll join me.

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. one more note:  i’d love to have you join me over at makings of motherhood today…



10 thoughts on “the soap

  1. well i don’t have a thing for my soap (quite possibly because the light in my bathroom is wrong) but i do have a thing for the soap dispenser in the kitchen window. i love that photo btw.

  2. How funny, I’ve just hit publish on a post about moments of my own and then come over here to read about your moments. :) Love your words and your image…and look forward to hearing about your workshop, how exciting! Happy day to you.

  3. Your precious words convey so much. You always help me to remember how precious time with soap ;) is and being in the present moment. Can’t wait to see what you have to share with us. You know I’ll be there.

  4. Oh Michelle,

    How I love to read you first thing in the morning !
    You soft, gentle words soothe me.
    and yes, of yes, please…online class with you.
    But of course!


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