:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: feeling so excited for my eldest sister and her family to visit us this weekend…cleaning the house is not the fun part of preparations, but a necessary one…as you can see above, i had a little help with the tub, ahem

:: everyone in the house has been sick {except me…shhhh}…it’s meant lots of quiet and lounging which is not an easy task for some all of my loves

:: avocados…i adore avocados

:: feeling tender in unexpected places and spaces


:: reading through some *free* ebooks that goddess leonie is offering right now…follow this link

:: participating in the love notes project, brainchild of dear jennifer…what, you didn’t sign up for this round?  no worries…before the next round begins in a few months, jennifer will be visiting here to tell you all about her sweet little project

:: a chance to visit with a dear friend, who just needed a listening ear and a little company


and you…how was your week?


sending  a little love your way, m




7 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Being the sister who DID NOT visit this weekend because I caught the flu after having congratulated myself for making it through the winter without getting sick, I DID thoroughly enjoy the free ebooks from Goddess Leonie. Thanks, Michelle, for cleaning for us and for being the font of good things you always are! I hope you’re enjoying your clean house. xoxo

  2. I hope all your loved ones are feeling better and you all have the best visit with your sister.
    I am sending Love Notes too, so much fun.
    Have to second you on the avocado love, I eat them several times a week, yum!

  3. The only time my house is “clean” is when someone comes to stay. I’d rather be doing anything else than cleaning. Have a great weekend with your family! xo

  4. If you type you haven’t caught it yet, you are doomed. Shouldn’t tempt fate :) My son goes back on Sunday and the week was fun, slow, and full of great food.

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