500layers2there is a story, there always is.  sometimes the covers are so pretty, be it book or person, that it’s easier to just stop and be content with that.  but go deeper.  beneath the perfect clothes, perfect house, perfect job – and beneath the not-so-perfect clothes, not-so-perfect house, not-so-perfect job – there is life.  real life that pulses, pauses.  real life that laughs, cries.  real life that sweetens, sours.  it’s complex and nearly always a balancing act, but it’s also nearly always beautiful…if one works through the layers.  so let’s all go past the superficialities, the expectations, the trivialities.  let’s move between, around, through.  let’s create space for inner truth, yours and mine.  let’s move through our layers.

sending a little love your way, m

playing along with bella at 52 photos project :: gallery 49 {layers}

19 thoughts on “layers

  1. i love your interpretation of this week’s theme! I’m always blown away by how many super talented women there are out there.
    Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting me!!

  2. I’ve been in such a rut … in terms of inspiration, reading and visiting those spaces that excite and provoke me … today I feel like I just burrowed down past the 3 or 4 “outfits” I’ve lived in for the past 4 months and discovered a beautiful dress I’d forgotten was there! Thank you for being such a “find” on this almost but not quite Spring like day! Scrolling through past posts (and your collaborative blog) has been like sunshine awakening this creative soul. Hello my poetess friend! I’ve missed you … and that has been entirely my own fault! xo

  3. Beautiful, as always. Yes, lets look through the layers to see the beauty around and within us.

    Sending some love back to you.

  4. Yes, oh yes, life is beautiful, dirt and all!

    PS- Sorry I haven’t responded back to you, will get an email out in a day or two. I am in need of a good cleanse too, way too much sour dough bread lately!


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