filled with liquid color

they each set up their eggs
at the ready
he dips slowly, lets the eggs rest and saturate
she gently dunks, checks after seconds
maybe a minute, perhaps a minute more

he is careful in choosing a palette
resting comfortably in one section of the color wheel
she is excited by the rainbow underway
working full spectrum

i am struck, too, by the way they arrange
the colored eggs to dry on racks
he neatly places them in rows of three
she scatters them with wild abandon

i am fascinated
as i witness their process their play their joy
i am quietly thrilled
to engage in this blithe tradition

and i patiently wait for the glass of liquid which will
turn my singular egg a brilliant turquoise



happy easter.  happy spring.
and, to those of you visiting this space from the southern hemisphere, i wish you a happy autumn.

sending a little whole lotta love your way, m



4 thoughts on “eggs

  1. love your words, michelle. isn’t it amazing how different each child can be? makes me excited to see them as adults and how the traits i observe in them now will translate into adulthood. have a lovely weekend and easter. xo

  2. Happy Easter Michelle to you and your family. Lovely image, so perfect in its simplicity. Just like an egg itself.


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