this girl


this girl…
who just turned eight
who requested a hike on her birthday
and even though it was cold and kind of drizzly, she has a fantastic daddy who said we should go anyway
and, you know what, the hike was cold and kind of drizzly…but it was also a lot of fun

this girl…
who requested funfetti cake for her birthday
{and, even though i really wanted to make something from scratch, i obliged}
and who has a big brother who decorated her cake just the way she wanted it

this girl…
who gave out hugs after each present opened
who was as excited about the balloons her brother and daddy went out to get on her birthday morning as she was for any of her other gifts

this girl…
who loves glitter and sparkles
but doesn’t care a lick for ruffles or frill

this girl…
who is funny and bright
energetic and boisterous
kind and tender

this girl…
she is a treasure, i tell you


sending a little love your way, m



13 thoughts on “this girl

  1. And this Mom (you) who is there to love and cherish that girl warms my heart with her words and photo. xo, B

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. It sounds like you celebrated in a wonderful way. Oh, and happy birthing day to you Michelle.


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